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Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian (Ph.D., Penn State University, 2004) is Presidential Impact Fellow, Professor of Communication, Affiliated Professor of Women's & Gender Studies, and Director of the Difficult Dialogues on Campus Race Relations at Texas A&M University. She has served as Associate Dean for Climate & Inclusion, Faculty Fellow for the Center for Teaching Excellence, Co-Founder of Media Rise (a nonprofit for meaningful media), Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, and as a Visiting Associate Professor at the London School of Economics and the National University of Singapore. 


Ramasubramanian's scholarship addresses pressing contemporary global issues relating to media, diversity, and social justice.  She is most widely recognized for her pioneering work on critical media effects, media literacy, difficult dialogues, inclusive communication, and prejudice reduction. She has designed and implemented numerous interactive workshops and provided expert guidance on topics such as implicit bias training, organizational well-being,  and inclusive communication for several organizations. Her projects have won several Top Paper Awards and have been funded by grants from NSF, Eurasia Foundation, and the Presidential Excellence Funds (X Grant and T3 Grant). She is the recipient of the Outstanding Researcher Award from the National Association for Media Literacy Education. She received the College of Liberal Arts Cornerstone Faculty Fellowship in 2018 for scholarly excellence, and was recently named Presidential Impact Fellow for "rising to meet the challenges of their field and demonstrating impact towards creating a better world."


Ramasubramanian has published over 50 publications in leading national and international outlets such as the Journal of Communication, Communication Monographs, Sex Roles, Journal of Social IssuesMedia Psychology, International Journal of Communication, and Communication Research. She is currently working on a coauthored book on quantitative methods for social justice. Her recent projects focus on critical media effects, implicit stereotypes and biases, Islamophobia, prejudice reduction, difficult dialogues on race relations, digital new media literacies, critical big data analysis, quantitative methods for social justice, immigrant/ethnic media, communication scholar-activism, and mindful communication. Her work has also been featured in popular outlets such as the Huffington Post, National Public Radio, Dallas Morning News, and India Today. A TEDx speaker, she has delivered several keynotes and invited talks in the U.S., U.K, Singapore, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, India, and China. She serves as Associate Editor of the Journal of Applied Communication Research and on the editorial board of eight journals including the Journal of CommunicationJournal of International & Intercultural Communication, Communication Monographs, Journal of Children and Media, and the Journal of Media Literacy Education.


Ramasubramanian has founded/co-founded several initiatives on campus and in the community such as the Difficult Dialogues on Campus Race Relations, Communicating Diversity Student Conference, First-Gen Freshmen Mentoring Program (FIG), campus-wide Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop Series, and a nonprofit called Media Rise. She teaches courses on first-gen freshman experiences, cultural diversity, media and identity, audiences, youth media, media theories, research methods, and holistic well-being. She serves on several graduate committees, routinely co-authors with grad student mentees, and has won many awards for advising & mentoring. Her commitment to teaching excellence has been recognized with the Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Fellowship, Service Learning Faculty Fellowship, and Graduate Faculty Mentoring Award in 2017 and 2019.


​Ramasubramanian has served as Associate Dean for Climate & Inclusion from 2013-2017, serving close to 7000 undergraduates, 1000 graduate students, 450 faculty, and 200 staff members across 12 departments and 5 interdisciplinary programs. In this role, she facilitated efforts to enhance the college’s climate and diversity, oversaw diversity-related initiatives, advised the Dean on all matters relating to climate & inclusion, served as a resource to 12 department heads and 5 program directors, chaired the College’s 25 member Climate & Inclusion committee, participated in college level strategic planning, drafted the College’s annual diversity accountability report, and served on the Diversity Operations Committee. 


Ramasubramanian has held several leadership positions in professional organizations such as NCA, ICA, and SACA including on the NCA legislative assembly, Chair of the NCA Mass Comm Division, Chair of the ICA Aubrey Fischer Mentoring Awards Committee, and Steering Committee Member of SACA. She has organized several community outreach events such as week-long community media festivals, film screenings, arts activism projects, and media literacy workshops. She is the co-founder of Media Rise (a nonprofit for meaningful media for social change for educators, policymakers, industry experts, nonprofits, and community leaders).


Ramasubramanian's demonstrated diversity leadership and community engagement has been recognized with the Liberal Arts Achievements in Climate & Inclusion Award (for extraordinary and superlative dedication to climate and inclusion), NCA Mass Comm Division Service Award, ACE Award for Women’s Progress (for promoting policies for advancement of women scholars), and the Outstanding Diversity Team Award. 


​Srivi is a classically trained vocalist, the co-founder of the Brazos Valley Shanti Choir, a poet, and a certified yoga teacher. 

Intellectually-Curious Scholar/Researcher.

Generously-Inclusive Mentor/Educator.

Creatively-Engaged Writer/Artist.

Advocacy-Anchored Leader/Changemaker.

This artwork was created using an online word generator on Aug 29, 2019. It was generated from 3-5 keywords crowd-sourced from colleagues, friends, and  students to describe me. The rainbow wheel symbolizes vibrancy, hope, LGBTQ+ inclusion, and our multiple selves. Please acknowledge me if reproducing or adapting  this idea, process, or artwork in your work. Thank you!