Jan 12th: PBS Kids (WGBH), Greater Boston: Workshop on Team-Building 

Jan 28th: College of Geosciences: Workshop for Faculty and Students

Feb 10th: College of Geosciences: Workshop for Staff

Feb 16th: Chancellor's Summit on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards Ceremony

Feb 23rd: Schering-Plough Lecture Series, Fairleigh Dickinson U, Scholar-activism, Community-based Initiatives, and Anti-racist Media Literacy.

March 9th: Antiracism and Organizational Well-Being Keynote Address, Texas A&M University's Flourish.

March 12th: Difficult Dialogues on Campus Racism for COMM 245.

March 18th: Texas A&M University, Difficult Dialogues on Campus Race Relations, Open Session.

March 19th: Thriving Against Whiteness, Building the Fugitive Academy.

April 16th: QSIDE Data4Justice Conference, the Institute for the Quantitative Study of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity, Inc. (QSIDE).

March 23rd: Advancing Civic Engagement and Digital Citizenship in Media Literacy; organized by Peace Tech Lab, NAMLE, and U.S. State Department.

March 23rd: Launch of the Action-Based Antiracism Dialogues Online Course.

March 31st: Difficult Conversations Seminar, University of Southern Florida.