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  • Data Justice: Critical Approaches to Quantitative Research in Communication
    Data Justice: Critical Approaches to Quantitative Research in Communication
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Keynote Talks & Presentations

Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian brings with her over two decades of experience as one of the world's leading social scientists on media, diversity, and social justice. She translates scientific research into relatable concepts through stories, anecdotes, and examples. 

Customized Workshops

As a renowned communication scholar, inclusion expert, and diversity educator, Dr. Srivi has designed and facilitated customized workshops using cutting-edge scholarship as well as practical insights from lived experience. She has worked within various contexts such as higher education, K-12 schools, corporate clients, nonprofits, and community groups. 


Dr. Srivi offers personalized consultations, training programs, and guidance on strategic planning, organizational change, diversity accountability, inclusive organizational cultures, and inclusive leadership. Consulting projects are customized to each client's specific needs.

"...thank you for leading our team in such a productive and meaningful workshop yesterday. We know the team got a lot out of both the dialogue and the activities. ...You created such a lovely, warm, open, and safe environment for everyone to share. Not an easy thing to do in a virtual space!

―PBS Kids workshop on Inclusive Team Communication 


  • Towards a culture of antiracism

  • Inclusive communication approaches

  • The language of inclusion

  • Dialogues for effective teams

  • Recognizing and combatting microaggressions

  • Building inclusive and equitable futures

  • Levels of change: self, systems, society

  • Intersectional identities

  • Self, other, us: Social identity

  • Power, privilege, bias

  • Social justice orientation

  • Beyond diversity as a commodity

  • Action-oriented antiracism

  • Addressing COVID-19 inequalities

  • Difficult dialogues on race and racism

  • Asian stereotypes in the media

  • COVID-19 and anti-Asian racism

  • Immigrants and media

  • Muslims and the media

  • South Asian identity and diaspora

  • Antiracism in media and tech

  • Data for social justice

  • Ethics in media and tech

  • Media, inclusion, social justice

  • Critical media literacy

  • Media stereotypes

  • Positive storytelling

  • Inclusive pedagogy

  • Trauma-informed pedagogy

  • Scholar-activism: Challenges & benefits

  • Engaged scholarship & community building

  • Building coalitions for action

  • A culture of candor and courage

  • Grounding techniques

  • Mindfulness and communication

  • Thriving amidst difference

  • Selfcare for scholar-activists

  • Active listening to self and others

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