Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian brings with her over two decades of experience on topics related to media, diversity, and social justice. She has given more than 100 keynotes, invited talks, and presentations on topics such as difficult dialogues, race relations, and media literacy. As an award-winning teacher and diversity educator, she has also designed and facilitated more than 50 interactive workshops for various organizations on such topics as inclusive communication, facilitated difficult dialogues, race relations, organizational well-being, and mindfulness.

Sample Workshops

  • Difficult dialogue workshop

  • Understanding and combatting microaggressions

  • Fighting racism: Effective tools and strategies

  • Who am I: Intersectionality & Identities

  • Rewriting the script:  Moving towards authentic storytelling

  • Facilitating hot issues in the classroom

  • Examining our assumptions and navigating difficult conversations

  • Challenging stereotypes and redefining our identities

  • Inclusive leadership: A communication-based approach

  • Mindfulness, mentoring, and micro-affirmations

  • Media and mindfulness


Sample Talks

  • From awareness and education to action (KBTX News)

  • Difficult dialogues, anti-racism, and inclusive communication

  • Counterstereotypes, prejudice reduction, and media literacy

  • Media inclusion, racial justice, and critical new media literacy

  • Critical media effects: Crossroads of media effects and social justice
  • Public scholarship, activism, and applied communication
  • The power of media for an inclusive world
  • Scholarship meets statistics: Quantitative methods for social justice

  • Embracing our intersectional identities as women of color in a historically white campus

  • Communication scholar-activism and social justice

  • Media and mindfulness

  • Community-based activism and media for social change

  • White nationalist rhetoric, neoliberal multiculturalism, and color-evasive racism

  • Media effects, Islamophobia, and intersections of race/religion/gender

  • Illegal aliens, perpetual foreigners, and model minorities: Immigrants and Media

  • Geeks, dragon ladies, and perpetual foreigners:  Countering Asian-American media stereotypes

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