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Art + Music + Yoga for Collective HEALING

Srivi Ramasubramanian is an accomplished musician, poet, visual artist, and certified yoga teacher. She takes a trauma-informed culture-centered approach to arts for community-building, peace, inter-group relations, transformation, and collective healing. Her creative projects, rooted in her South Asian cultural heritage, inform her scholarship on inter-group communication, social justice, and prejudice reduction, and vice-versa. She founded the Brazos Valley Shanti Choir, a community choir for peace and interconnectedness through music in 2019 and started the Raaga music group in 2004 for local Indian musicians, which met routinely till 2013. She is a certified yoga teacher and conducts workshops on meditation, yoga, and stress reduction such as the "Mediated Meditations with Srivi" series. She has taught courses on holistic health and led workshops on stress management and yoga for many campus groups.She has written over 150 poems on topics relating to intersectional feminism and yoga. She is also a visual artist and has worked on collaborative public art using rangoli.

Community-Building Through Music

Srividya Ramasubramanian is a trained Indian classical vocal musician. She has been an active part of the Indian music community in both Pennsylvania and Texas. She is co-founder of the Brazos Valley Shanti Choir, a community choir for peace and interconnectedness, that meets at her home. She was an active member of the Raaga Indian music group in State College from 1999-2004.  In Texas, she founded the Raaga group (2005-2013) and hosts visiting artistes and the annual Tyagaraja Aradhana music festival at her home in College Station.  She has participated as singer and media coordinator for the multi-media "Shanti: A Journey for Peace" production in collaboration with the Houston U.N. International Choir and the AID fundraiser concert in Penn State. 

BV Shanti Choir-May 2020 Graduation.jpg

Yoga + Mindfulness for Collective Healing &

Social Change

Srivi is a certified yoga teacher. She conducts research on, leads workshops/talks on, and teaches courses about yoga philosophy,  mindfulness, stress reduction, and holistic health. She leads "Mediated Meditations with Srivi" - online guided meditation sessions. She has led many sessions on meditation, yoga, and stress management both on campus and in the community. She has been a part of the TAMU Mindfulness Research Group and Interiority Project with Dr. Donnalee Dox and Dr. Mary Meagher. She taught a first-year seminar on Pathways to Health & Happiness with Lisa Tauferner of the Brazos Healing Center. She has been practicing yoga since the age of 12 under the guidance of various teachers (Dr. Shriram Sarvotham of EkaShri Yoga and ShriShri Yoga, Charlotte Alexander of Om Grown Yoga, and Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai). 

Mediated Meditations with Srivi (1).png

Poetry on Intersectional Feminism & Yoga

Srivi has written 150+ poems on topics such as gender inequalities, race relations, academic life, bicultural life as an Indian-American, contemplation, spirituality, love, relationships, nature connectedness, and environmental justice.  

Blue Nectar 6x9 cover.png

Visual Arts + Public Collaborative Arts

Srivi enjoys expressing herself through the visual arts through paintings, rangolis (art made on the floor), and jewelry-making. She has worked on collaborative public art works, especially through rangoli floor art in both Pennsylvania and Texas. 

Floral rangoli collaborative art
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