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Editorial Service

Associate Editor, Psychology of Popular Media, 2020-present

Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Communication Research, 2019-present

Special Issue Editor (with Aisha Durham & Joelle Cruz), Journal of Applied Comm Research. Quarantined Across Borders, Inaugural multimedia special issue called "Communication Interventions," 2020.

Special Issue Editor (with Shaunak Sastry), Journal of International & Intercultural Communication. The subcontinent speaks: Intercultural communication perspectives from/on South Asia, 2020.


Editorial Board Member


Journal of International & Intercultural Comm.: 2011- present

Communication Monographs: 2011-present

Journal of Applied Communication Research: 2014-present

Southern Journal of Communication: 2014-present

Journal of Children and Media: 2016-present

Journal of Communication: 2018-present

Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 2019-present

Journal of Media Literacy Education: 2019-present

Communication Education: 2020-present

Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies: 2020-present

Citizen Critics –Racial Justice Co-editor: 2017-2019

Journal of Creative Communications: 2014-2015

Service to Professional Organizations


National Communication Association

Dissertation Award Committee, Mass Comm Division, 2020

Committee on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Mass Comm. Division, 2019- present

NCA Nominations Committee Member, 2018-2019

Scholars’ Office Hours (Presenter), 2018

Special Programming Planner with Barbara Burke [Two special sessions on Media Activism & Social Justice], 2016

Member, Legislative Assembly, 2015-2016

Immediate Past Division Chair, Mass Comm. Division, 2016

Division Chair, Mass Comm. Division, 2014-2015

Division Vice-Chair, Mass Comm. Division, 2013-2014

Chair, Teaching & Service Awards, (Mass Comm. Division), 2013

By-laws Committee Member, Mass Comm. Division, 2014-2015

Research Chair & Unit Planner, Mass Comm. Division, 2011-2012

Research Vice-Chair & Unit Planner, Mass Comm. Division, 2010-2011

Secretary, Mass Comm. Division, 2009-2010

Nominations committee member, Mass Comm. Division, 2005-2006


International Communication Association

ICA Theme Committee Co-Chair, 2020-2021

Working group on Communication Member, scholar-activism (Activism, Communication & Social Justice Division), 2018-present

Program committee member, Voices of South Asia and its Diaspora, South Asia Communication Association (organizational member of ICA), 2017-2018

Invited Guest, Diversity Open Office Hours, 2017

Mentor, Research Escalator Session, Children, Adolescents, & Media Division, 2016

Chair, B. Aubrey Fisher Mentorship Award Committee, 2016

Member, B. Aubrey Fisher Mentorship Award Committee, 2014 and 2015

Member, Kyoon Hur Dissertation Award, (Mass Comm. Division), 2011


South Asia Communication Association

Steering Committee Member, 2018-present

Research Chair, Voices of South Asia and its Diaspora (sessions at ICA), 2018-2019


National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE)

Awards Committee Member, 2019

Research Advisory Working Group, 2020

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