An award-winning teacher and mentor, Ramasubramanian teaches courses on first-gen freshman experiences, cultural diversity, media and identity, audiences, youth media, media literacy, and research methods. She serves on several graduate committees, routinely co-authors with grad student mentees, and has won many awards for advising & mentoring. She is the Founder and Director of the Difficult Dialogues Project since 2016, which uses innovative small group facilitated dialogues to build empathy, active listening, and take individual and collective responsibility for inclusive campuses. She is the Co-Founder with Dr. Leroy Dorsey of the First-Gen Freshmen Mentoring Program (FIG) in Liberal Arts, the campus-wide Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop Series, and the Communicating Writing Group. In 2012, she started the Communicating Diversity Student Conference, an annual interdisciplinary student conference for grads and undergrads to showcase their diversity-related scholarship. Her commitment to teaching excellence has been recognized with the Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Fellowship, Service Learning Faculty Fellowship, and Graduate Faculty Mentoring Award in 2017 and 2019.


Undergraduate Courses at Texas A&M Univ

  1. *Identity and Popular Culture, 

  2. *Engaged Democracy

  3. *Pathways to Health and Happiness

  4. *Difficult Dialogues on Power, Privilege, and Difference

  5. Social Science Research Methods

  6. Media Theory

  7. Media Audiences

  8. *Media, Children, & Adolescents,

  9. *Women, Minorities, and the Media

  10. *Advanced Research Methods

  11. Rhetoric of TV and Film

  12. Media Campaigns

  13. *Communication & Cultures of India

Graduate Courses at Texas A&M Univ

 13. *Media Processes & Effects

 14. *Media & Identity 

 15. *Global Media & Social Good, COMM 689

 16. Social Science Research Methods, COMM 610

(*indicates courses developed or significantly modified by me)

Founder and Co-Director of Difficult Dialogues Project, Texas A&M University, 2016-present

About the Initiative:

Described as “eye-opening,” “transformative,”, “educational,” “enlightening”, and “a very important learning experience,” this innovative program founded by Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian in 2016 involves a 2 hour interactive workshop using facilitated small group discussion format with 30-50 participants and 8-10 trained co-facilitators. Using real-world case studies, these workshops encourage empathy, active listening, and encourage participants to take individual and collective responsibility for creating welcoming climates for marginalized groups by learning effective strategies to recognize and combat micro-aggressions. We have conducted sessions on COVID-19 pandemic situation, race relations, and political climate. 


Co-Designer, Freshman Innovation Groups (FIGs) program

 Co-designed and taught (with Leroy Dorsey) the Freshman Innovation Groups (FIGs) in 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, a year-long cohort-based learning community for Liberal Arts first-generation freshmen. Students are enrolled in small freshman courses capped at 25 students apart from enrolling in a one-credit bridging course that provides mentoring support through resources on effective writing, honors program, career development, money management, campus safety, Study Abroad opportunities and so on. In the second semester, students create a social media campaign aimed at first-generation students.


Invited as content expert as part of a team to co-design a module and lesson plan on "Respect and Inclusion" as required curriculum for all incoming freshman in the First Year Experience (Hullabaloo University) at Texas A&M University. This is an innovative program designed to ease students through the transition into college. The campus-wide, multifaceted effort features classes of over 475 sections of 25 or fewer first-year students, paired with a faculty or staff member and a peer mentor in a small, supportive community. The goal is to help forge bonds and shared experiences between faculty, staff, and students, in essence “shrinking” the physical size of our campus and building supportive and lasting relationships.


Founder & Lead Organizer, Communicating Diversity student conference, 2012 & 2013

Established in 2012, this conference that I founded attracts undergrad and grad students from around the nation to showcase their scholarship on diversity and communication. It is now fully student-led, has become a national event, and is an important recruitment and retention tool for our college and department.


Convener, Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop Series, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 


Offered first in the College of Liberal Arts, this workshop series was then designed for the entire campus community in my role as Faculty Fellow with the Center for Teaching Excellence. 6-8 workshops offered per year for faculty, grad students, and postdocs on campus on topics such as hot topics in the classroom, pedagogically inclusive curriculum design, enhancing learning experiences for first-generation students, LGBTQ+ student engagement, (dis)ability awareness for instructors, and universal design


Convener & Founder, Communication Writing Group (for faculty & grads), TAMU, 2018-present

Weekly write-on-site sessions open to faculty, grad students, and honors students. We use the pomodoro method (25 minutes of writing silently followed by 5 minute breaks – two such rounds within the hour). We especially welcome international scholars, first-gen scholars, scholars of color, LGBTQ+ scholars, and others who are committed to making this group an inclusive and supportive writing community. We also have a closed Facebook group where we share resources about writing, call for papers, conference information, and other announcements.


Ph.D. Students


Ph.D. Chair/Interim Chair

  1. Amanda Martinez, 2011

  2. Elizabeth Hatfield, 2011

  3. James Cho (Co-Chair), in progress

  4. Ramin Chaboki, in progress

  5. Asha Winfield, in progress

  6. Anthony Ramirez, in progress

  7. Shelby Landmark, in progress

  8. Emily Riewestahl (Interim Chair), 2019-present

  9. Alexandra Sousa (Interim Chair), 2014-2015

  10. Yikai Zhao (Interim Chair), 2015-2016


Ph.D. Committee Member

  1. Vandhana Ramadurai (COMM), 2013

  2. Marissa Doshi (COMM), 2014

  3. Eleni Gesch-Karamandalis (COMM), 2016

  4. Adam Key (COMM), 2018

  5. Jessica Gantt Shafer (COMM), 2018

  6. Alexandra Sousa (COMM), 2019

  7. Chante Anderson (COMM), in progress

  8. Analesa Clarke, (Psychology), 2009

  9. Catherine Seo (Fielding Graduate Univ.), 2015

  10. Arlett Lomeli (Sociology), 2015

  11. Frank Ortega (Sociology), 2016

  12. Michale Sferra (Psychology), 2019

  13. Olabisi Atoba (Psychology), in progress

  14. Vanessa Gonlin (Sociology), in progress

  15. Jeffrey Opaleye (Sociology), in progress

  16. Susan Eddington (Fielding Graduate Univ.), 2020


M.A. Students


M.A. Advisor/Chair/Interim Chair

  1. Aleman, Alberto, 2008

  2. Sarah Kornfield, 2009

  3. Brittney Hibbeler, 2010

  4. Jonathon Chacon (Co-chair), 2011

  5. Kelli Fowlds (Co-chair), 2014


M.A. Committee Member

  1. Katherine Head, (COMM), 2008

  2. Analesa Clarke, (Psychology), 2006

  3. Shelly Scarpino, (Recreation, Parks, & Tourism), 2008

  4. Lacey Williams, (English), 2010

  5. Andria Godfrey (Recreation, Parks & Tourism), 2011

  6. Dhrubaa Mukherjee (English), 2012

  7. Lu Zhu (Health & Kinesiology), 2012

  8. Bianca Manago (Sociology), 2013

  9. Michale Sferra (Psychology), 2015

  10. Delicia Sanchez (Ag Leadership), 2015

  11. Jackie Hill (Ag Leadership), 2016

  12. Jozie Nummi (Sociology), 2016

  13. Rachel Eddowes (Ag Leadership), 2019

  14. Krista Simandi (Visualization), 2019


Directed Studies and Research Collaborations


Undergraduate student researchers supervised:


  1. Negar Kalbasi

  2. Anne Bernades

  3. Allegre Burlew

  4. Ambyr Acton

  5. Clay Huber

  6. Dylan Frederick

  7. Erin Wilson

  8. Lindsay Hall

  9. Natasha Seeley

  10. Rosary Mangano

  11. Sydney Bachtell

  12. Kaitlin O’Brien

  13. Jose Fragoso

  14. Kathryn Faulk

  15. Olivia Osteen

  16. Miranda Calderon


Graduate student researchers supervised:

  1. Amanda Martinez

  2. Christine Kleck

  3. Clayton Whittle

  4. Dan Berens

  5. Jeremy Rogerson

  6. Katherine Hampsten

  7. Masha Sukovic

  8. Zeba Imam

  9. Marissa Doshi

  10. Casandra Welnitz

  11. Robin Bedenbaugh

  12. James Cho

  13. Aya Yadlin-Segal

  14. Ruth Tsuria

  15. Katherine Hodgdon

  16. Alex Sousa

  17. Caitlin Miles

  18. Ramin Chaboki

  19. Asha Winfield

  20. Angie Galal

  21. Elina Tachkova

  22. Arti Nadkarni

  23. Anthony Ramirez

  24. Shelby Landmark

  25. Rebecca Costantini

Difficult Dialogues Undergrad Research Fellows Supervised

  1. Olivia Osteen

  2. Kate Phuah

  3. Sheila Mahebpour

  4. Miranda Calderon

  5. Chaide Wynn

  6. Zohra Raoofi

  7. Samantha Rodriguez

  8. Deborah Obi

  9. Maricarmen Hernandez

  10. Shanti Israni

  11. Darcey Rydll

  12. Nicole Ploetz

  13. Carlee Hebert

  14. Haley Patton

  15. Ashlyn Connor

  16. Kathryn Faulk

  17. Candice Idlebird

  18. Jonathan Filip


Difficult Dialogue Graduate Research Fellows Supervised

  1. Vanessa Gonlin

  2. Alex Sousa

  3. Anthony Ramirez

  4. Lia Joseph,

  5. Asha Winfield

  6. Rebecca Costantini

  7. Jess Gantt-Shafer

  8. Vanessa Liles

  9. Chante Anderson

  10. Angie Galal

  11. Valentina Aduen

  12. Emily Riewestahl

  13. Lobat Asadi

  14. Felicia York

  15. Caitlin Williams

  16. Brenda Vasquez

  17. Viviana Roquetta

  18. America Arzat

  19. Jed Chalupa

  20. Shelby Landmark

  21. Andrea Terry

  22. Jaskirat Batra

  23. Pranav Kannan

  24. Ed Tarlton

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