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facilitator |  leader | artist

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Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian

My name is Srividya. It means "wealth of knowledge." I go by Srivi Ramasubramanian (pronounced: Shree-vee Raa-muh-soob-ruh-money-ahn).

I am a scholar, public speaker, diversity educator, and thought leader on pressing contemporary global issues relating to media, inclusion, and social justice.  


Through my workshops, talks, and consultations, I facilitate honest conversations to discuss and address systemic bias, intersectional erasures, and everyday discrimination in order to move towards co-creating workable solutions. For inquiries, please go here.


My projects engage a broad range of audiences: educators, media professionals, policymakers, and community leaders. Be sure to check out the Difficult Dialogues Project and Media Rise.

Let's stay connected to work together for a more peaceful, just, and inclusive world. 


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Recent Projects



Quantitative Research Methods in Communication: The Power of Numbers for Social Justice

"Research on issues of social justice could not be more timely, urgent, and fundamental. This volume provides clear and thoughtful guidance on how we can use and learn from social science research to utilize the power of numbers for social good. This volume takes the reader through every stage of the research process, including design, data collection, data analysis, and community-based scholarship. Undoubtedly this book will be foundational for scholars and students who want to use their research for social justice."

―Mary Beth Oliver, Bellisario Professor of Media Studies, Penn State University, and President Elect, International Communication Association

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