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Media Rise

Established in 2013, Media Rise is a global nonprofit alliance that connects people and ideas to promote meaningful media.  We believe in the power of positive storytelling, media, art and design to make the world a better place.  

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Difficult Dialogues

These interactive workshops use a conversation café format to facilitate small group discussions on difficult topics and collectively brainstorm ideas to make the campus more welcoming for all. The project helps participants grow in active listening, build empathy, and appreciate multiple perspectives. 

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Campus Initiatives

An award-winning teacher and mentor, Ramasubramanian has founded/co-founded several campus initiatives such as the Communication Diversity student conference, FIG freshman first-generation mentoring program , Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop series, the Communication Writing Group, among others.

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Art + Music + Yoga for Collective Healing

Srivi takes a trauma-informed culture-centered approach to arts for community-building, peace, inter-group relations, transformation, and collective healing. She has co-founded/founded the Brazos Valley Shanti Choir (a community choir for peace), Mediated Meditations with Srivi, and hosted several music/cultural festivals such as the India Days TAMU Festival, and Tyagaraja Aradhana Music Festival

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