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Bach To the Future: Exploring a Borderless World in Education

Dear CODE^SHIFT community,

Please join us for this unique presentation & piano performance by our visiting speaker & artist from India - Prof. Anil Srinivasan on May 1st.

About the Presentation: In this talk, Anil uses anecdotes, research, and interestingly - music - to showcase snapshots from his initiatives. He will focus on his latest initiative, Kruu, which brings universities and high schools together through project-based learning. Kruu has already connected over 120,000 children from marginalized communities with top researchers around the world to create impactful change.

About the Speaker/Performer: Anil Srinivasan is a celebrated musician and change-maker devoted to community building and education in India. He is the recipient of prestigious awards including the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for piano and the Aspen Global Leader Award for social initiatives. He is on the faculty at KREA University where he teaches courses on creativity, design thinking & interdisciplinary arts. Anil founded Rhapsody in 2013, which reaches over 450 schools as the first in-curriculum “Art Integration and Creative Intelligence” program in India, which was ranked #1 worldwide in “Innovation in Learning” by Wharton Learning Labs and QS in 2021.


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