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Dr. Srivi Accepts AFS Distinguished Teaching Achievement Award

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Adding to her repertoire of accolades, Dr. Srivi received the College-Level Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award for Teaching on October 28, 2020.

The AFS award, announced by Texas A&M’s College of Liberal Arts Dean Pamela Matthews, has annually honored excellence in academia since 1955. The Vice President of AFS, Kathryn J. Greenwade, presented Dr. Srivi with the award.

For 65 years, AFS has recognized members of Texas A&M’s faculty for their unwavering dedication, positive productivity, and meaningful impact on Aggie students and greater society.

Held on October 12, 2020, the award ceremony followed social distancing guidelines and mask mandates in the Clayton W. Williams Jr. Alumni Center. Each recipient received an award plaque and a cash gift - all furnished by AFS.

Though the ceremony looked different this year due to the pandemic, the significance remained the same. This award recognizes Dr. Srivi's superior classroom teaching as a passionate, dedicated, and effective professor.

Readers can find quotes from various students who have taken courses with Dr. Srivi below.

"You have done a phenomenal job in teaching us to be open-minded, wise individuals and respect one another's opinions. "
"Dr. Srivi fosters insightful, truly thought-provoking, and engaging conversation that I actually enjoyed listening to my peers and we were able to learn from each other. "
"There was never a question she couldn't answer, or a concept she couldn't make clearer."
“This ended being a class that changed my perspective on life. She expected a great deal from her students because she believed we had the potential to excel."
"...would be happy to re-explain everything and anything someone had questions on. Always had topical and relevant anecdotes to bridge between theory and application."
"Her kindness can be sensed when she first enters the classroom and creates a safe space so we can all reach our potential in the classroom without boundaries. "
“I always looked forward to coming to your class, knowing that I would actually learn something. A lot of professors just go through slides and I feel like I do not learn anything because I am too focused on making sure I write everything down."
"From the incredible guest speakers to the discussions of inequalities in academe, this course had it all....The amount of work it takes to curate such a course and to challenge students to improve the climate of the university was certainly not lost on the members of this class. The experience was transformative."
"…….taught me so many things about the society I live in every day. Things that were happening in front of my face that I was once oblivious to I can now see."
"I have appreciated your honesty, transparency, and support you have offered all of us this year. You helped me feel like I had an actual support system here in College Station. Someone I could go to if I needed someone to talk to and reassure me. Just knowing I had you there brought me so much peace. Thank you for sharing your time, your heart, and your effort."

This blogpost was written by Riley Farrell.


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