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Dr. Srivi and Dr. Scharrer Host Virtual Book Launch Party For Their Best-Seller Book

On Friday, May 28, about 70 researchers and social justice advocates gathered for a virtual event to celebrate the release of “Quantitative Research Methods in Communication: The Power of Numbers for Social Justice," by Drs. Erica Scharrer & Srivi Ramasubramanian.

Dr. Scharrer, who explained her motivation behind the title, said that nobody had truly written a research methods book within the framing of social justice before. Seeing the lack of literature, Dr. Erica Scharrer reached out to Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian at the 2017 ICA conference in San Diego to discuss collaborating on a new kind of scholarly textbook.

By May 2021, the dynamic duo produced “Quantitative Research Methods in Communication: The Power of Numbers for Social Justice," which they launched during the 2021 ICA virtual conference.

The Power of Numbers acknowledges and furthers the bright future of combining quantitative methods and qualitative communication to explore the social justice crises of today.

This 12-chapter textbook communicates why and how to conduct research that contributes to social justice. Published by Routledge, the book is the first book to be published in the new Routledge Social Justice Communication Activism Series.

During the launch, a panel of esteemed communication colleagues responded to Dr. Scharrer and Dr. Srivi’s introduction of her book with positive messages in the chat function of the event. Editorial reviews of the new book can also be found on Amazon, where the book sold out on May 30 (and has since been restocked).

The event included special guest speakers like the book’s editors Dr. Larry Frey and Dr. Patricia Parker as well as the President of the International Communication Association, Dr. Mary Beth Oliver. Filled with pleasant perks for participants, the hour-long event featured presentations, a Q&A session, discount opportunities, and four autographed book giveaways.

Missed the party? No worries! Watch the recorded book launch event below, which has 800 views so far:

This blog post was written by Riley Farrell, a student journalist at Texas A&M University.


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