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Dr. Srivi Leads PBS Kids Workshop on Inclusion

On Jan. 12, 2021, Dr. Srivi led a workshop on inclusive team communication for PBS Kids in the Greater Boston area. The two-hour virtual workshop was interactive, featuring both smaller-sized dialogues and large group discussions with PBS's children's media production team.

The workshop focused on discussing the role of difference and inclusion in creative media teams, as members developed a shared vocabulary related to inclusive team conversations. Some sample comments from the workshop:

"Thank you for leading our team in such a productive and meaningful workshop yesterday. We know the team got a lot out of both the dialogue and the activities."
"You created such a lovely, warm, open, and safe environment for everyone to share. Not an easy thing to do in a virtual space!"

During a time that the nation's companies are choosing to invest more resources into diversity and inclusion, Dr. Srivi's expertise has been widely needed. Diversity and inclusion are crucial elements of any well-run business's recruitment and retention strategy. Ongoing inclusivity training is designed to reflect on various levels of change needed in team and workplace culture to increase accountability within organizations. PBS Kids' workshop served as an example of a professional development program that uses experiential learning, self-reflection, and small-group dialogues to achieve some of these goals.

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