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Dr. Srivi Speaks on Media and Racial Justice for FDU Schering-Plough Executive Lecture Series

Dr.Srivi Ramasubramanian has stepped on the virtual stage again as an expert speaker to introduce the topic of media and diversity at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Dr.Srivi Ramasubramanian has served as the keynote speaker for the second year in a row for Schering-Plough Executive Lecture Series.

Last year, Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian joined eleven other notable scholars from around the world to attend the 2021 Spring Series. The presentation was one of the highlights of the series and one that generated the most profound impact. This year during the 2022 Spring session, Dr.Srivi Ramasubramanian was invited again with an engaging talk on “Media, Race, and Social Justice.” From Feb.1 to April 26, the lecture series features weekly global scholars who cover a diverse range of topics – the speech right in the political topic, the polarization issue among social diverse, and more related to the current challenge on promoting diversity.

“[Students and other members in community] are often surprised to know that they have can agency in the world of knowledge they are being asked to explore and are not just be passive receptacles for the thoughts of others. “We can all be theorists” was the perfect message,” said FDU Professor and Chairperson Dr. Gary Radford.

As someone committed to including diverse voices, Dr. Srivi provides multiple opportunities for participants to share their opinions and stories. The presentation starts with distinguishing between diversity and inclusion, and also asks participants to reflect on their multiple and intersecting identities within their learning environment. The topic is forward through serious discussion on unequal media access, media stereotype, propaganda, online hate, and intersectionality. The presentation provides innovative insights on inclusive communication approaches.

“None of those speakers stood out to me, but in listening to Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian I enjoyed her lecture a lot,” said FDU Student Marisa Goglia.

“Dr. Radford is right when he said Dr. Srivi makes you feel uncomfortable, but I would also add that she makes you think. Dr. Srivi did that for me when she said “Media frames our reality, it sets the agenda, it tells you these are the topics that are important to discuss. Who’s missing from the agenda? These marginalized groups are often missing from the agenda in media studies, in media narratives.”

- Written by student journalist Jialing He


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