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Research Assistant Positions Available!

Updated: Sep 27, 2021


Description of research, professional creative or writing project: The Grad RA’s primary focus will be to support and collaborate with Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian, Professor & Newhouse Endowed Chair, on her current research projects. Dr. Srivi takes an intersectional feminist approach to teamwork, which is collaborative, flexible, caring, and inclusive. She is founder and director of CODE^SHIFT (Collaboratory for Digital Equity, Social Healing, Inclusion Futures & Transformation), the Difficult Dialogues Project, and Media Rise. She moved this fall from Texas A&M University to Newhouse School in Syracuse University. Research projects that you will be working on will focus on diversity, critical media effects, digital equity, data justice, critical race theory, media literacy, social justice, and global media. To learn more about past and current projects in the lab, visit

Tasks the graduate student will perform:

  • Conducting literature reviews in the areas of communication, media studies, diversity, digital literacy, data justice, children and media, computational social sciences etc.

  • Assist with data collection, survey creation, managing surveys on Qualtrics, etc.

  • Managing, organizing, and analyzing data.

  • Co-authoring, editing, and proof-reading academic manuscripts such as journal articles, book chapters, and encyclopedia articles

  • Attending weekly lab meetings either via zoom or in person to set goals and report on progress.

  • Assist with writing grant proposals, journal reviews, and other research tasks as needed.

Any skills the student must possess to successfully assist with the project: I am looking for a grad RA, preferably an advanced M.A. or a PhD student, with the following skills/qualities:

Must have/be:

  • Excellent collaboration, time-management, and project management skills.

  • Demonstrated commitment to equity, social justice, inclusivity, and social good through research, teaching, and/or service

  • Interested in critical/feminist/community-oriented public communication research

  • Working knowledge of both quantitative and qualitative methods

  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment

  • Work on multiple research projects simultaneously

  • Familiarity with data analysis software such as SPSS, MAXQDA, R

  • Excellent written English skills

  • Knowledge of APA formatting (7th edition)

  • IRB certification

Not a must but nice to have/be:

  • Python/coding languages

  • Creativity, graphic design, and powerpoint/slide design

  • Excellent oral communication and presentation skills

  • Prior experience with writing and editing academic manuscripts

  • Collaborative research experience, including co-editing via Google Drive or Dropbox

  • Writing about research for the public (blog posts, social media community, and short films about research studies)

If you do not possess all the above qualifications, but are curious to learn more about the position or the project(s), please do not hesitate to reach out with a note of interest. I value dependability, self-reflexivity, open curiosity, willingness to learn, and motivation for intellectual growth more than pedigree, promise, and prior experience.

How many hours the student will be working each week: 10-20 hours (flexible schedule; can work remotely)

Application process: Submit a cover-letter of interest, CV including a list of three professional references, and a research writing sample by Oct 6th to Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian at Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a personal interview.


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